Friday, September 14, 2007

Guess who's coming (back) to a hood near you?

The NY times recently ran an article that describes how according to recent census numbers, 2006 marked the first year where White flight has leveled off. At the same time, Black flight has continued to increase. Essentially, since the 1990s, White flight has driven major cities to become more majority-minority, but with NY on the upswing, many Whites who departed for greener pastures are finding new homes in the city, and by the city we mean Brooklyn and Manhattan. Their new residences or location however continue to move out communities of color. A friend of mine has a dog theory of gentrification. I'll do my best to restate it here and tell me if you agree of disagree.

You may be in a gentrifying neighborhood if your hood has been predominantly ethnic but you're seeing more White folks around. The tags on cars aren't from NY, but other North East or Midwest states. Then come the dogs, you will see White people walking huge dogs (really wolves on chains). These dogs aren't you Upper East Side purse carriables, they're Khujo with training. These gentrifiers use the dogs as potential protection for any of the folks hanging on the block, who could possibly cause them trouble. Eventually the White tee brigade (and their families usually the elderly) get evicted and the buildings in the hood start to turn over. Trespass signs go up all around and before you know it, the dogs change to much smaller breeds, you know the ones that you could see someone other than Michael Vick owning. Eventually you know you're neighborhood has turned over when you walk around and see minituare pinchers, chihuahuas, yorkies, etc.

Regardless if you agree, the changes that continue to redefine NY neighborhoods will matter most for the poor and minority residents who have long inhabited this city. Though this city is rich with history, quickly I've come to realize that folks here have short memories. Next time you're talking about Central Park, ask the person you're talking to if they know about Seneca Village.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Who I'm buying today

For the past couple of weeks the media has been set a blaze by a fury of "50 v. Kanye". Now first let me admit my prejudices, I tend to always side with "hip-hop" versus "rap" (if we can use archaic titles like that) so I found myself wanting to buy graduation out the box, to get 50 cent to give up putting out albums. I can honestly think of few albums that were worse than The Massacre. Unfortunately, we all know if Kanye sold 5 times as many records are 50, he ain't gonna stop rapping. So I came across this post form from Jeff Chang's page. Unfortunately I don't know how to embed the video, so you'll have to follow the link. Trust me, it's worth the click and has the answer to who I'm buying today!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

40 years... and still pissing folks off

Thought I recently departed University of Michigan, I will always have and affinity for Harold Cruse's work The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual. This article talks about the books reception and meaning after 40 years. I'm still searching for the Black democratic space, I wonder what Cruse would think of the blogosphere or blackspear... well I have an idea, but it's an interesting thought.

Ten Crack Tenure Track Commandments?

So I was forwarded this piece that recently ran in Inside Higher Ed. I really like it, but even more interesting to many will be the discussion in the comments.

007 373 5963

If you spent the 80s bruising thumbs and listening to hip hop and you know what the numbers above mean, this video is for you.

welcome to my new home

So if you're journeyed over here the chances are that you used to check out my musings or rants (take your pick) at blackatmichigan. I mistakenly let the domain name expire and it's linked to an old email account so I've resolved to let it go. Since I'm no longer in Michigan, obviously the name blackatmichigan didn't make much sense anyway. I'm now in New York, so that will have a bit to do with what I post on.

I'm using dumisays... as a space to get some thoughts out as I work on a bigger web project. More details to come once it's worked out. In the meantime, surf, click, add, as you please. Peace