Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Who I'm buying today

For the past couple of weeks the media has been set a blaze by a fury of "50 v. Kanye". Now first let me admit my prejudices, I tend to always side with "hip-hop" versus "rap" (if we can use archaic titles like that) so I found myself wanting to buy graduation out the box, to get 50 cent to give up putting out albums. I can honestly think of few albums that were worse than The Massacre. Unfortunately, we all know if Kanye sold 5 times as many records are 50, he ain't gonna stop rapping. So I came across this post form Illdoctrine.com from Jeff Chang's page. Unfortunately I don't know how to embed the video, so you'll have to follow the link. Trust me, it's worth the click and has the answer to who I'm buying today!


Phoenix said...

Fastinating. Kanye's just better...but I will not be an enabler...I will not be an enabler. Crack is whack.

Andy said...

hard to support kanye when he acts like a whiny baby every time he goes home empty from an award show, as in last nights MTV music awards meltdown:


I get it. It's all a part of his ego is larger then life shtick he plays up in his albums, but I think life is starting to imitate art a little to much now.