Wednesday, October 10, 2007

This makes me nervous

So knowing they are making a Biggie biopic got me a little nervous, now seeing this casting call... I'm already ready to ask for a refund on the ticket price.

These are really some BIG shoes to fill, seeing all these cats all I can think about is Too Legit.


Mperor said...

I will never watch that movie. I think the only time I like biopics is when I was not alive/aware during the time of whatever person. Kaufman, Ali, Cash. I was able to enjoy all those movies because if they took creative liberties with the character, I had nothing in memory to compare it to. I will avoid any biopics on people whose careers I followed.

Mperor said...

also, kind of tough comparing it to Too Legit. Hammer made a mockery of his career long before a biopic did.

Dumi said...

hmmm, I sadly concede the second point Mperor