Tuesday, February 5, 2008

More Questions than Answers

1. Since when did so many folks get hyped over the primaries?
2. How the hell did Danity Kane go platinum?
3. Why has it been 10 years since Black Star released an album?
4. Was it ironic or tragic that Pimp C died off that syzurp (and sleep apnea)?
5. What ever happened to the Black radicalism?
6. Why when I buy stuff in the hood the signs say "no refunds"?
7. Isn't that some form of human rights violation?
8. Why was Abdul Rahman wearing Timberlands in the re-enactment scenes of Prince among Slaves?
9. Why are people still fighting against Black History Month?
10. Can it be that it was all so simple then?


Scott said...

Can't help you on most of those, but the primary hype I think is largely because in most years, the primaries wrap up early with a secure leader, so in many states they become formalities. This year, more states voted earlier and the parties on both sides are split evenly enough that results of any one primary in any one state actually have an impact. That and people are weary of our incompetent leadership and more eager than usual to embrace the process that will change the situation.

Anonymous said...

1. honestly, now that huckabee and romney are out, I dont really care who gets elected. (were we seriously considering having a president whos religious beliefs go somewhere along the lines of "natives were punished by god for betraying white men..."? we dont trust the government as it is...) your not gonna meet the real person until they are already in office. no matter who wins, we are rolling the dice hoping to get some degree of genuine competence.

2. did you see the picture that you linked to? you can have that cover art on a cd of coyotes howling (which it could very well be for all i know) and youd sell enough to go platinum. its a matter of biology and economics.

3. Mos is too busy doing movies with Jack Black. (pretty funny btw)

4. of all the ways ive ever heard or seen any living thing die, I would choose to stop breathing in my sleep. wtf did this guy do to warrent such an easy passage?

5-10. ill take those as rhetorical, though if you have a link for #9 i could use a good laugh.